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  • Amy Helie

Maine Cancer Foundation Awards Transportation and Lodging Grant to Dean Snell Cancer Foundation

The Dean Snell Cancer Foundation has been awarded a two-year grant of $50,000 from Maine Cancer Foundation for their Patient Transportation and Lodging Program.

The Dean Snell Cancer Foundation strives to meet multiple and pressing transportation needs to ensure ongoing treatment for cancer patients being treated at New England Cancer Specialists in Topsham. Gas cards and an Emergency Taxi Voucher program enable patients to get to doctor's appointments and treatments. Assistance with travel expenses, such as gas, tolls, parking, meals and hotels, to out-of-state hospitals provides the opportunity for often crucial consultations and additional treatment. Assistance with car repairs, car insurance and car payments are especially important when the ability to continue working is compromised and it becomes difficult for patients to manage unexpected and everyday living expenses.

“Maine Cancer Foundation is committed to reducing cancer in our state and ensuring all Mainers have equal access to their cancer care, said Katelyn Michaud, MCF’s director of grantmaking. “We are proud to support Dean Snell Cancer Foundation in providing transportation assistance for cancer patients.”

Maine Cancer Foundation’s grant is offered as part of their ongoing efforts to reduce cancer incidence and mortality in Maine. They have invested $15 million since 2015 in support of cancer prevention, early detection and screening, and access to care for all Mainers. To learn more about Maine Cancer Foundation, visit, or contact Katelyn Michaud,, 207.773.2533.

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