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The Dean Snell Cancer Foundation was created by his family to honor the memory of Dean who lost his battle with esophageal cancer in September 2009. During his 15 month battle, Dean’s amazing attitude, strength, determination and courageous spirit were an inspiration to his family and everyone around him.


There are many expenses related to cancer treatment that can put a financial and emotional strain on patients and their families at a time when they need to concentrate on their health. Medical insurance covers only a portion of the costs of those treatments. Out-of-pocket expenses such as insurance co-payments and deductibles, multiple medications, costs associated with travel during treatment as well as other unanticipated expenses are often difficult for patients and families to manage. 

The Dean Snell Cancer Snell Foundation is a volunteer-run 501 (c) (3) nonprofit dedicated to providing patients of New England Cancer Specialists in Topsham with a range of financial help, including:

Prescription medications

Medical equipment

Medical insurance premiums

Transportation (gas, taxis, tolls, parking and travel)

Everyday living expenses

Meals, protein drinks and other healthy food options

Heating & utilities (oil, gas, propane, electricity, water & sewer, telephone)

Rent, mortgage payments & homeowners insurance

We're here to help - confidentially and as easily as possible. For a consultation on your financial needs, call NECS at 207.844.5644 and ask to speak with Francine Goudey, Financial Advocate. Or email her at

board of directors

Sharon Snell, President

Jonathan Snell, Vice President

Meghan Hartley, Secretary

Amy Helie, Treasurer

Dr. Elizabeth Connelly

David Cockburn

Ross Steelman

Mary Nickerson

Board of Directors
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