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A Statewide Effort To Collaborate And Mitigate The Effects Of COVID-19 On The Maine Cancer Community

Association of Maine Cancer Support Centers

A Statewide Effort To Collaborate And Mitigate The Effects Of COVID-19 On The Maine Cancer Community

March 20, 2020

The Association of Maine Cancer Support Centers is a network of organizations providing cancer-related supports, services and/or complementary therapies to patients, survivors, caregivers, and/or families. Since February of 2019, this network of 9 organizations across the State of Maine continue working authentically to collaborate and provide enhanced services and programs to Mainers impacted by cancer. The Association is seeking to expand the availability of these supports throughout the state in a collective manner.

As community-transmission of the COVID-19 virus heightens, the Association began to innovate the delivery of services while ensuring support, comfort, and community can still be offered safely. Individuals receiving cancer treatment often are immunocompromised, many of whom are older and are faced with 50-100 miles of travel for care. This population remains at high risk for becoming ill to the COVID-19 virus and the Association is calling on our communities to remain diligent in social-distancing and proper hygiene practices.

“With cancer patients being one of the populations most vulnerable to the current COVID-19 threat that we are facing in Maine and around the world, it is imperative that we work together to get through this. We at the Maine Breast Cancer Coalition are thankful to be a part of this collaborative that is working hard to keep the Maine cancer community connected - to resources and to one another.” Bethany Zell, Maine Breast Cancer Coalition

A special online meeting was held on March 19 and 20 to outline the efforts being taken by each member organization and how the Association collectively can adapt programming. Support groups/workshops are being moved to online and call-in platforms, meal delivery programs were developed to eliminate excess travel and exposure to the public, sharing of resources and video platforms were streamlined across members, and safety policies were shared and adopted within individual centers.

“The response to the COVID-19 virus has shifted every part of the Maine community. The Association’s trust, culture, and mission has never been more tested and put to work through these uncertain times. I’m proud we all can work as one to better serve the cancer community.” Matt Dexter, Christine B. Foundation, Association Leadership Team Member

This Association was born out of work related to Maine’s Impact Cancer Network which is funded and supported by Maine Cancer Foundation (MCF). MCF provides backbone support for the Association of Maine Cancer Support Centers.

If you, a family member, or someone in your community is challenged by the burdens of cancer and COVID-19, you are invited to contact any one of the Association of Maine Cancer Support Center members to learn more about available resources.

Serving you,

Members of the Association of Maine Cancer Support Center


Dempsey Center​ (Lewiston/S. Portland)

(207) 795-8250

Service Area: Statewide

Dean Snell Cancer Foundation​ (Brunswick)

Service Area: New England Cancer Specialists, Topsham Patients

Maine Breast Cancer Coalition​ (Bangor)

(207) 945-0008

Service Area: Statewide

Christine B. Foundation​ (Bangor)

(207) 517-0256

Service Area: Pisc., Pen., Hancock, & Wash. County

Beth C. Wright Cancer Resource Center​ (Ellsworth)

(207) 664-0339

Service Area: Hancock & Washington County

Sarah’s House of Maine​ (Holden)

(207) 989-1683

Service Area: Primarily Pisc., Pen., Hancock, & Wash. County

Cancer Resource Center of Western Maine (Norway)​

(207) 890-0329 (207) 255-3741

Service Area: Oxford, Cumberland, & Androscoggin County

Healthy Acadia (Calais/Machias)​

Service Area: Hancock & Washington County

Bangor Region YMCA, Caring Connections (Bangor)​


Service Area: Central & Eastern Maine

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